My wife and I have bought and sold several homes in the forty two years that we have been married. We have dealt with many personalities and attitudes with the representing agents. We had never prepared ourselves for the professional training and winning attitude that has been shown us by the team of Elgin and Pilar Walker.
John and Mary Ann Sprengelmer,
tips on homeowner ship

6 MUST do steps in real estate to get clients and get clients into deals!

  • personal notes
  • database/ have mets, haven’t mets, have mets under-construction
  • website
  •  blogs
  •  networking
1) personal notes– you would be surprised but in my opinion nothing is so effective at such little cost as a handwritten personal note, a thank you note to just keep you in the minds of past clients, potential clients and in transaction clients.  It doesn’t need to be a drawn out paragraph written note, and if you really want to stand out, add something of value in the note.  what is of value? How about just a $5 dollars Starbucks card, or a coupon to a popular restaurant ? Be creative, but don’t go over the top with cost.  It is the thought more than cost of the item.  If it someone you a relationship already, maybe there is a website or an article which may pertain to something personal to them or their family, like if the kids are in sports…you may see something that clicks, or if they have a vacation spot or something….this might be good.  Be consistent about this too.  If you speak with, meet with, someone for the first time, make you send a thank you or personal note within 24 hours so you are still fresh in their mind and a small giveaway too?   Man very powerful .
2) building and working your database—–I must tell from good and bad experience you can really and truly build a consistent , effective and predictable business if you take time to build a database in the beginning of your career.  How do you do this? One thing I believe  is over looked is the power you have in people you already know.  I am talking family friends, people you know from other jobs, business or things you have tried.  What about school you have attended, if you have children, sports, clubs,etc….they are associated with.  THIS can be huge!  Who you decide is worthy of your database? Anyone you would want to do business with and more importantly refer you and your services.  This database is not just for the people in it, but to gain access to the people they know . Do you see he importance of that? If not learn it here and now. Goal with anyone in your database is to grow it six people deep within their friends etc…..if you keep this focus, everyone in your database has the potential to deliver 6 more opportunities or people to ADD to your database (book of business’s).  Will make your business much more predictable and consistent.
3) have met, haven’t met and have met under construction—–the world is made up people you know, people you dont know.  In business the key is to gain business from people you know because they love, respect and trust already.  This is not only from a stand point of them doing business with you but also REFERRING you into their circle of TRUSTED FAMILY AND FRIENDS!  You see I believe it is a much bigger deal on the referrals than THEM actually doing business with you.  Why do I say that? Well think about it.  The last thing anyone wants to do is refer or recommend something or somebody and find out later (or during the deal) there are issues.  People only want to be involved in their own situations especially negatively than someone else they really had nothing to do with.  On the haven’t met.  You need to find consistent ways to build your network or referral base.  This keeps a consistent flow of new business and new possibilities of referrals etc….in your game.  The more people you haven’t met you turn into people you have met the better and stronger your “book” of business will grow to.  Lastly is the category I made up.  You see you do have people you know, but you don’t really know,such as the waiter or waitress at your favorite restaurant or bar.  The cleaners,grocery store,co-worker you know but don’t really know.  You see to me for someone to be a have met, they could tell a 3rd party who you are and what you do for a living.  People that you see, meet interact with that know you,but are unable to do that……well that is your have met under construction!  THIS CAN BE A VERY POWERFUL GROUP!  You want to convert these people into have met  Convert  them into people that know WHO you are and WHAT you do!
4) website– Everybody needs a website right?  The answer is yes, BUT and yes I mean BUT what good is a website if there is no traffic or reason for people to come to it?  There is none.  A website needs to have content be user friendly and have a reason for people to keep coming back and not leaving your site to get other information if possible.  You also need to drive traffic to your site.  You hear terms like SEO (search engine optimization) and pay for clicks etc……I personally feel any and all is good but you have to define the purpose of your website and that will tell you what you should do to bring not only traffic, but appropriate traffic to your site.  In my opinion who cares how many coming  to the site versus the CONVERSION of people coming to the site and they becoming customers.  Even better customers for life and customers that refer other people like them to your site.  There a few things in the field of real estate you must have.  It s proven that consumers are coming to real estate sites to look at properties for sale, then get “other” information regarding the industry.  Information on financing, home affordability , specific information such as foreclosures, short sales, etc…..This is were your blogs come in.
5) blogs– This is way not only to get information out, but a way for potential clients to get to know you and learn more about you without meeting you.  It is also a way of driving people to your site.  All the things you do will put you in better position to be “found” in SEO etc….This is not a class for that but depending on your level of understanding I recommend you read up on the subject or hire someone (inexpensively) to help you in this regard.  If writing blogs do it like you would do if you were the consumer and you are looking for information.  Give people what they are looking for, NOT what YOU want them to have.  That is important. Remember people do not care what you know until they know that you care.
6) Networking – This is something all of us do naturally but may not classify it as networking or use it to our advantage.  If you are at a dinner party, card party or kids soccer game,does everyone there no what you do?  If not you are missing a big time opportunity.  What about “events” like the chamber of commerce, or whatever business functions you go to?  Here is a quick tip I learned.  At an event, pick a goal of the number of NEW people you would like to meet and people you KNOW already to reacquaint with.  You see you need goals and a plan on networking.  Lets say your goal is to meet 3 new people, NOT JUST PASS OUT YOUR CARD, but actually meet, understand what THEY do and determine what YOU can do to help them achieve. A little different huh?  Remember if you are in service mode and mindset, you understand if you can help others get what they want, you will get what you want no matter what.  Its the law!  At this same event make sure you touch base with 3 people you may already know and re enforce the ideals set on how you may help their business,even if so far you have been unable to do so.  Lastly send your new and re acquainted people a thank you note hand written and an email.   It will stick in the minds of the people you meet and set you apart from all the other people they are networking with that day.
Elgin and Pilar Walker

Elgin and Pilar Walker

beautiful Castaic property sold in multiple offers!

beautiful Castaic property sold in multiple offers!

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