My wife and I have bought and sold several homes in the forty two years that we have been married. We have dealt with many personalities and attitudes with the representing agents. We had never prepared ourselves for the professional training and winning attitude that has been shown us by the team of Elgin and Pilar Walker.
John and Mary Ann Sprengelmer,
Elgin Walker

Elgin Walker

Are you paying attention to the rates RISING? You better!

Interest rising and some of us are not paying attention.  Have been pre-approved but have not identified a property or locked in rate yet? Check with your loan representative but you may be surprised what your rate is now and how that affects your monthly payment AND YOUR QUALIFICATIONS.  Listen to this PODCAST episode and lets discuss.


Networking, customizing our plans is HOW we are BETTER to help families PERIOD!

Today in this market when the inventory is low, buyers are looking, but no home for them to see. How does your agent stand out?  You as an agent are a sum of the networking you do. The mindset of all the people you are around. This determines your success.  Who do you want your agent networking with?  We work the best and hopefully we add value to the groups we are in.

In this 3rd episode of purchasing a home we talk about the actual search of property after a pre-approval and the correct mindset. This is #3 in the series!

Networking Networking Networking

In a competitive real estate market your representative needs to be connected, needs to think out of the box. I am currently a member of one of largest and most ACTIVE real estate networks in the greater Los Angeles area which is known as the Advisory group! Here we learn of great OFF market opportunities, COMING SOON properties and network for buyer and sellers with agents here HUSTLING every day.  If you need an agent that is CONNECTED, look no further!

You got to fight like you want to win! Stay in the game and never give up!

I have my challenges like all of you and the perception some may have is this I have had some success! Thats all well and good, but there are also many many challenges, failures, losses. I have the same health issues, family issues, deaths, bills etc as you do.  How you meet, and work through them is the only REAL issue.  Check this out!

Why purchase real estate THE SERIES….episode #1

Purchasing real estate in my opinion is an investment EVERYONE should make! This should be a goal and not just a dream. It should be a corner stone of your portfolio.  Why you ask?  Because you have to live somewhere so you will pay to live somewhere.  Why not pay to own your own?  We will touch on different things in purchasing real estate over this series.

Hot News from Elgin and Pilar Real Estate April 2018

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Real Estate News April 2018
Fresh Home Upgrades for Spring
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After a long winter cooped up indoors, spring is the perfect time to start reimagining your home and making upgrades that create a fresh, welcoming vibe. These project ideas—some big, some small—can help breathe new life into your home so that you’re ready to enjoy your favorite rooms to the fullest.


Air it out. Months of closed windows and doors can make any room feel dusty and stale. As soon as temperatures allow, throw open the windows and skylights to let the fresh air chase away the remnants of winter. It’s also the perfect time to launder window treatments and clean area rugs. If you’re considering an update to the overall décor, changing out these textiles is an easy and affordable way to create a new look.

Paint to perfection. Over time, once cheerful walls can grow dull. Create a livelier ambiance with a fresh coat of paint, either in the same shade or something completely new. If you’re not sure exactly where to start, tackle the project room by room. To choose the right hue, select a favorite item in the room, such as an heirloom throw blanket or a piece of wall art, and consider color shades that complement the item.

Make what’s old new again. Sometimes a fresh perspective is as simple as rearranging a room to better fit your needs. Over time, furnishings can become almost an afterthought because they’ve been in place so long. Try moving things around to create new conversation groupings or to highlight a piece that has been tucked away in the shadows.

Get earth smart. With all of the new growth and hues of green that abound during spring, it’s natural to be more mindful of the environment. Earth-friendly upgrades like switching out inefficient lighting or installing low-flow toilets and shower heads can make a sizable difference.

7 Signs Your Contractor May Be Shady
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ContractorBuilding a home or renovating your existing pad is no simple task. From budgeting to design and choosing the right contractor, there’s a myriad of details you’ll need to juggle. But when it comes to choosing the right contractor for the job, it’s important to be mindful that not every contractor is reputable. Here are seven ways you can spot a shady one.

  • They pressure you. Whether they’re pushy with contracts or material, if they’re using pressure to sway you, be cautious.
  • They only accept cash. This is a huge red flag. Reputable contractors will take checks and potentially even credit cards for their payments.
  • They want it all up front. Most remodelers typically require a down payment of 25-50 percent of the contract price for small jobs and 10-33 percent for large jobs. If they demand full payment up front, be wary: they may never finish the job.
  • They have no references. No matter what, never hire a contractor without verifying at least three separate references.
  • They suggest a lender. If the contractor suggests that you borrow money from a lender the contractor knows, you could be the target of a home improvement loan scam.
  • The contractor fails to listen. A contractor should want to meet your specific needs. If they seem unable or unwilling to listen to your wants, if they talk over you or in any way seem disrespectful, they may be unreputable at worst, or at best, difficult to work with.
  • No right of rescission. A solid contractor will let you know that you have the right to cancel your contract within three days of signing; this “right of rescission” is required by law and allows you to change your mind without penalty if the contract was provided at a place other than the contractor’s place of business or an appropriate trade premise.
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Thinking of purchasing real estate for the first time? Here is how you start!

One of the things we get often is:  I am thinking of buying my first home but do not know were to start and I feel overwhelmed! How do we start? Who do we speak with? How do I get a loan?  Lots of questions, ALL GREAT QUESTIONS, so lets begin to look at a road map to get you into homeownership.  Check out our latest PODCAST


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