My wife and I have bought and sold several homes in the forty two years that we have been married. We have dealt with many personalities and attitudes with the representing agents. We had never prepared ourselves for the professional training and winning attitude that has been shown us by the team of Elgin and Pilar Walker.
John and Mary Ann Sprengelmer,
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“Elgin Walker” on what real estate advocacy means in regards to loan modifications, short sales, and distress properties.

I have had people ask me about Real Estate Advocacy and what does that mean.  Well in words of the man I get it from Lee Honish…….just telling people the honest truth.  I have been a top producing real estate agent for years, and I sleep good at night, because I will tell someone the truth as I know it without a commission check being the factor in my decision.  I would prefer to have a customer for life and help families.  I know this  is getting off the subject of Advocacy so this  is what I mean.

Times are tough.  In regards to real estate, it is popular (as I guess in the rest of the world) to either scare people, mis-inform people, or not educate them to make the right decisions for themselves.  You get ads, even phone calls from your lender, family, friends tv commercials about doing a loan modification, principal reductions etc….I am hearing people ACTUALLY TELLING PEOPLE TO STOP PAYING THERE MORTGAGE SO THEY CAN DO A SHORT SALE OR A LOAN MODIFICATION.  I know people (some attorney’s) telling people to WALK AWAY from their property, its no big deal etc…

This is not to say those solutions are right or wrong, because every situation is different.  Each family is in different circumstances.  This is not some cookie cutter one size fits all type of a deal.  What you do with your real estate can effect your family for GENERATIONS!  It my JOB to tell you the truth about loan modifications, not stretch or stress you and your family out for months in a process I KNOW PROBABLY WILL NOT WORK.  It is also NOT PROPER for me to say NO ONE CAN GET A LOAN MODIFICATION WHEN I PERSONALLY GOT ONE, other family members successful got one, and so have some of my clients.  It would not be responsible for me to tell you that walking away from a property is NOT A GOOD SOLUTION EVER!  That would be untrue.

What is needed, is someone to honestly tell people their options, look at there circumstances and provide the information required so they may make the best decision for there family.  THATS REAL ESTATE ADVOCACY TO ME!  If you want that type of an advocate on your side, you should pick up the phone, email, text do whatever you need to do and get a hold of me RIGHT AWAY!  There is not a charge, just information.

Please remember that no matter what you are going through in your life it is a temporary condition.  Conditions change for good and bad.  One thing that is for sure……IT TRULY IS A GREAT LIFE!  GOD BLESS!

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