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Is It Too Late To Get a Loan Modification?

There is help for those who are still struggling with their mortgage.

While we’re seeing great signs of recovery, and even a rebound, in the real estate industry, the fact is that there are still those who are struggling to Loan Modificationhold onto their homes.

In some cases, homeowners who may have been financially impacted by the recession that hit us hard a half decade ago may still be in the recovery stage. Others may have purchased at the height of the Santa Clarita real estate market (When it reached its peak in April of 2006), only to still await prices to rise above their loan amount.

Either way, these homeowners may be in a situation where they want to hold onto their home, but hope to “level the playing field” in an effort to streamline their mortgage with more amenable terms to their current financial condition.

The term “loan modification” holds many feelings for homeowners. There was a huge boom in the “Loan Mod” industry back in 2008 and 2009, when it seemed like “everyone and his brother” were offering modifications. This led to some unscrupulous practices, and even some downright ripoffs, prompting state and federal government programs to intervene and offer “on the level” help to those struggling with their mortgage.

Where can I go for loan modification help?

There is still help for homeowners who want to hold onto their homes. The Federal Government’s Making Home Affordable program still offers help with loan modifications, but those programs are set to end on December 31st of this year. California residents can also take advantage of loan modification programs through the state’s Keep Your Home California series of foreclosure avoidance options.

Get the real deal on loan modification options.

The Elgin & Pilar Walker Team has put together a FREE e-book that will help guide you through the loan modification process. Loan Modification Insider Secrets: How To Get Your Payment Reduced, Keep Your Home, and Enjoy Your Life is filled with information and tips to help you better understand the loan modification process. Again, this information is FREE. All you need to do is click this link for a free download. 


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