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The New Year Is Almost Here. Is It Time To Move Forward?

This is a great time to reflect, and plan your real estate goals for 2015.

For a lot of people, the New Year is the best time to change things up. And why not? A new year reflects new possibilities. Anything can happen for theWhat are your real estate goals for 2015? better this year, right? Many will set a goal to make the upcoming year better than the previous year, no matter how great the previous year actually was. After all, that’s what goal setting is, right? The opportunity to improve one’s self, or situation, for the better.

What about your real estate goals? Have you considered them as part of your overall resolution strategy? Are you happy where you live? Are you renting, and maybe thinking this is the year you’ll get it together to purchase a property of your own? Is it time to move up? Downsize? Are you struggling to make your mortgage payment?

No matter what your real estate goals may be for 2015, there are some basic guidelines you can follow to achieve them, no matter your situation.

1. First of all, determine EXACTLY what your real estate goal may be.

Occasionally we’ll run into people who will say something like, “Yeah. I’m gonna do that thing this year and finally get my stuff together and move,” without really defining what that “thing” is.

Take a visual snapshot in your mind of what you wish to achieve. If you’re looking to buy your first home, visualize what that home may look like. Be realistic, however. It’s nice to imagine a mansion in the hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean, but you want your dream to match your reality. The same goes for any goal: Upsizing, downsizing, refinancing to make upgrades to your current home; the first step is to clarify your vision, and determine your goals.

2. Make a timeline for action. 

You’ve realized your goal, now put a timeline together as to when you’ll achieve each step that’s required to achieve your goal. If you’re purchasing a home, consider your options for financing; when you plan on meeting with your real estate agent to discuss your needs and get financing. You’ll also want to set timeline goals for when you wish to actually be IN your home. Stick to your goals, but be flexible along the way. For example, you may need to address certain financial or credit issues to qualify for the home you want. Even still, a timeline gives you something to follow in an effort to realize your goal.

3. Contact your Real Estate Professional.

You might have known this would be the last step. We have nearly 30 years experience in the real estate industry, and have helped many families achieve their real estate goals, no matter what they were. We’re here to help you, too. As advocates for your successful home purchase, sale, or refinance, the Elgin & Pilar Walker Team will be there to guide you every step of the way. Contact us for a no obligation consult, and let us show you how we can make all of your real estate dreams come true.

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